The site and the surrounding area

Our Proposals

Welcome to our website. For the past three years, Meadow Residential has been working to deliver the site at Champion Hill for a mixed-use scheme including new homes together with a new stadium for Dulwich Hamlet Football Club (DHFC).

Meadow Residential remain fully committed to delivering much needed housing and a sports facility and have sought to work constructively with Southwark Council to that end. We have now submitted a revised Planning Application that is policy compliant and will secure the future of DHFC and address the Mayor’s Housing Agenda.

Our proposals for Champion Hill

Following consultation with fans and residents at exhibitions held in February and April, Meadow Residential has submitted a new Planning Application, which offers:

  • 224 new homes
  • 40% affordable homes
  • A newly designed community stadium facility providing a secure future for the Club with increased capacity and modern facilities
  • New multi-use all-weather pitch, available for both league fixtures and community use
  • New indoor sports and leisure facilities, including replacement squash courts, a new boxing gym, a spin studio, a new health and fitness club and a multi-use games area (MUGA)
  • The MUGA will now be placed at ground level and accessible to all
  • There will be educational facilities and a club boardroom
  • A dedicated club shop
  • Separate bars for home and away fans, with a larger and more spacious club bar
  • There will be substantially increased toilet provision to ease the current congestions issues fans experience
  • Flexible community/commercial floor space
  • The scheme will also increase the amount of children’s play space on site
  • There will be a new green link connecting Green Dale and St Francis Park, providing a new route for pedestrians and cyclists
  • A new green park on the current site

The new pitch, designed in compliance with the National Ground Grading – Category A as specified in the FA requirements, will replace the existing AstroTurf pitch on Green Dale, and is proposed to be available for use by Dulwich Hamlet Football Club for home matches as well as being available for use by the local community throughout the week.

There will be no new building on the Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) which is land protected for recreational use. The MOL use will remain unchanged. To ensure that existing views are not impacted upon the western ground enclosure is constructed from metal shutter glass, which are openable and thereby allow open views from the existing Green Dale back towards the stadium.

New Homes

We are providing 224 much needed new homes on the site, 40% of which will be affordable. These will comprise apartments and townhouses. The apartments have been lowered from 8 storeys to 4 to 6 storeys.

Our proposals will comply with the draft London Plan and meet the Mayor’s aspirations for investment in housing density and affordability.


Landscaping will be implemented to provide a soft edge to the development and nearby MOL and also offer significant improvements to the adjacent green spaces. Over 300 new trees will be planted, bat and bird boxes will be installed and Meadow Residential has been carrying out reptile and stag beetle surveys. A new east-west green link will provide enhanced opportunities for pedestrian and cycle connections between St Francis Park, Abbotswood Road, the new Stadium and Green Dale. There will be an outdoor gym park available to the public.

A new stadium

We are providing a brand-new stadium on the site, which will be secured through a 125-year lease. The new stadium will have capacity for 4,000 fans with the potential to expand to accommodate 5,000 fans.

Alongside the new stadium there will also be an improvement to the stadium facilities:

  • Better accessibility to the stadium
  • New and larger toilet facilities
  • New changing facilities for DHFC, away teams and match officials
  • The ability to separate home and away fans
  • Improved entrances and exits
  • Disabled parking, coach parking and cycle parking spaces

A new Clubhouse will feature a larger bar and lounge for fans to enjoy with a separate bar area for away fans.

The stadium will sit outside the MOL and the open space will be dramatically improved with a linear park.

DHFC has been promoted and now is part of the National League South.

Therefore the new stadium is designed in compliance with the National Ground Grading – Category A as specified in the FA requirements. The new stadium has a minimum capacity of 4,000 spectators and the potential to increase the capacity to 5,000. The pitch as well as the club house and the facilities provided are all in line with the FA requirement for Category A grounds.

The existing pitches are planned to be upgraded from astroturf pitches to artificial pitches meeting FA requirements.

The stadium will be partially dug-in and partially be level with the surrounding. The western ground enclosure is constructed from metal shutter gates, which are openable to allow open views from the existing Green Dale back towards the stadium. On match days the same roller shutters will be lowered and thereby create the permanent boundary requested by the FA.

New sports and leisure facilities

The stadium will sit at the edge of the site and be orientated to front Green Dale. These existing facilities are in need of significant refurbishment.

The derelict AstroTurf will be replaced with a new multi-use pitch. Our proposal will facilitate the delivery of the Council’s plans without using public funding.

In summary

These proposals will improve the existing sports facilities and secure the future stability of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club, while providing wider community benefits.

New high-quality sports and recreational facilities will be provided in the form of a larger stadium, gym and games area, all available for public use. This will provide a real improvement on the existing facilities in terms of quality, quantity and public access and ensure that that there is no loss of important open space as a result of the proposal.

The stadium and sports facilities will then sit outside of the Metropolitan Open Land (MOL), along the western edge of the site with the proposed residential development beyond this, on the most appropriate part of the site, as previously developed land.

This approach maintains the openness of the MOL in accordance with London Plan Policy, and is supported by the Greater London Authority.

Overall, this is an opportunity to deliver 224 much-needed new homes within Dulwich, with a good mix of unit types and tenures, including 40% affordable housing, as well as a new stadium and sports and community facilities.